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About Us

Niuhi Quantitative Research

We know what your money needs. Let your money work for you.


With over a decade of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we create AI models to trade in F&O markets to grow wealth. We have spent the last decade building AI based solutions to tackle the hard problems in industries like National Security, Supply Chain, Airlines, Social Media Analytics and Banking. And now we are taking the same AI solutions and applying it to our passion: to build AI based profitable F&O trading algorithms. We boast a completely automated system with zero discretionary (human) component, put simply, our computers do all the work. Our product is wealth. Get in touch with us to help you realize your wealth goals.



Niuhi started out organically with friends and family requesting we help grow their wealth using the strategies we developed. It has been a comfortable journey so far with a few downs but mostly ups. Both founders are obsessive about R&D and many people have recommended pursuing PhDs in Finance, so if we are asked what we do with our time: its research. We believe strongly in patience, consistency and resilience of the human spirit. We have never actively deployed any efforts towards marketing for two primary reasons: 1) We never felt the need to in an industry where wealth is our primary product 2)In a world where fast and big growth is glorified, we rebelliously believe in slow, long term and sustainable growth. Apart from working on RnD over the past year we have also learnt that the term “risk appetite” is a farce, by default we have come to assume all humans have a low risk appetite. It is said that as humans the biggest fear we share is dying, but the second biggest is losing money, so we take this very seriously and only deploy very minimal risk strategies.

We work in harmony and respect for the human spirit, we are committed to creating value for our clients and sharing information and awareness about algo trading in a lifestyle of moderation and responsibility. We are dedicated to the continuously growth and development of our clients and our business. We believe that money holds energy and like to give back to society in a meaningful way, in this spirit ,we donate a small portion of Niuhi profits to organizations working towards eradicating animal cruelty and reforestation efforts in India(If you would like to know more or donate some potion of your Niuhi profits towards this please reach out to us)


Pallavi Singla

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Co-Founder/ Business Head


Ripu Singla

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Co-Founder/Head Of Technology




After his post grad in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from IIT Kanpur, Ripu started his career in applied Data Science in Banking sector. He developed a strong interest in technology and AI and subsequently has worked with companies to develop AI models catering to various industries like national security, supply chain, airlines, social media analytics and banking. He eventually got intrigued by the stock markets and started experimenting with AI based models for trading. He worked with a boutique hedge fund as the tech lead responsible for creating AI based strategies, automation and creating systems to effortlessly run them with close to zero human effort. All these experiences culminated in Niuhi Quantitative Research, a boutique firm dedicated to growing your wealth in the smartest and most effortless way possible using AI and Data Science.


Pallavi has a background in various different industries including having trained as a Chef and worked in five star hotels like ITC, a stylist in luxury fashion working with design houses like Emporio Armani, UX and UI design , Internationally certified Yoga teacher (teaching calmness and peace always) and Sports Marketing .  Working in so many different areas of life, having Yoga as a centering force and a pillar of life, she brings a grounding force to this venture. Having spent the past two years in a deep dive in Finance and FnO trading, she brings her own sense of ease to Niuhi. Anyone who has worked with stock markets knows having the right mindset, having an unbreakable sense of optimism while being centered in calmness and peace is the biggest feat and so essential to this line of work: she brings this to Niuhi by setting the pace, strategizing in high level business decisions and the direction Niuhi needs to grow.


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