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Grow with us

  • Saving accounts in banks lose out because of inflation and with low FD rates, you roughly make 4% to 8% a year

  • Investing in property is great if you hold it over a long period of time (probably 10+ years), it may yield 12 to 18% per year. Real estate investments are very illiquid in nature as well. Rental yields are roughly around 3 to 6% a year on investment with lot of management overhead.

  • Investing in Stock Markets with an expert can grow wealth exponentially, last year (2020-2021) we made returns of about 80%

  • Leading authorities on wealth management advice making your money work for you. Passive Income is the path to an early retirement and fulfilling all those dreams.

  • we deploy AI based direction neutral strategies, these type of algorithms don't try to predict direction of markets.

  • A basket of uncorrelated strategies which gives portfolio effect and balance out each other in different market movements.

  • In-built stop losses to protect the capital in case of any unexpected market events

  • All our algorithms have a maximum of 10% drawdown, after which they will stop trading.

  • Complete transparency as trades are done in customer's broker account. Daily profit / loss is completely visible to the customer.

  • Profit sharing on net profits after cost, we only make money if you make money, period.

  • Capital is fully liquid and can be withdrawn on one day notice.

  • Investor dashboard which provides 360 degree analytics on your daily profits and losses.

  • Month end reports in detailed format are sent to your email

  • No action is needed from client on a day to day basis, its fully automated (create time for those things you always wanted to do but never had the time to)

  • We are a data driven startup and like to track a lot of metrics. If it moves, we track it. Sometimes we'll draw a graph of something that isn't moving yet, just in case it decides to make a run for it

  • Minimum investment amount : Rs 50 Lakh

  • Account with a Broker: contact us to help you set this up

  • A desire to sit back and relax while your money works for you

New York City
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